Monday, January 24, 2011

USL Pro Playoff Format Set

Today on the USL website, the playoff format for the 2011 USL Pro was announced. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the playoffs will consist of eight teams. Three teams from the American and National divisions will get spots in the playoffs, while two teams from the International Division will each get a spot. Here's what its going to look like:
The playoff system is odd to say the least. I'm not 100% why the International Division only got two spots in the tournament, but my best guess would be because of the distance these teams would have to travel form these games, or that the USL decided to focus on the teams that are on the mainland of the US (I know that LA is on the mainland, but you get the idea.) Also you couldn't have 3 teams from each, so apparently the International Division drew the short straw. Personally, I would have liked a six team playoff with the two teams with the most points left getting at large bids.

The playoff form is good for the Battery. Coming off a championship season, keeping the team from last year could be tough. Having plenty of wiggle room on the table gives Charleston a chance to make the playoffs, where they could easily make something happen. Three out of Five teams from the Battery's American Division getting spots, should make it somewhat easy for the Battery to make the playoffs. And if not, we can definetly be competitive.

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