Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charleston-Los Angeles Recap

On Friday night, the Battery faced the Blues and the match ended in a 0-0 draw. For a full recap I recommend the Battery's recap.

Here are some of my thoughts on the match:
  • Charleston Probably Deserved the Three Points: After a bit of a shaky first half where they couldn't get consistent possession, the Battery came around in the second half and got so many scoring chances, but they just couldn't find the back of the net. Dane Kelly got plenty of chances in the box where he would get plenty of space, but his ball distribution and decision making were poor.
  • The Crowds at Blackbaud are Increasing: After a few matches around 3,000 fans in the stands (which is nothing to sneeze at), the crowds are starting to pick up. The match with the Blues drew around 3,500, while the match with Pittsburgh last week drew 4,000. Keep it up Battery fans!
  • Bah and Kelly Doesn't Work Up Front: As good as I think Kelly and Bah are, I still tend to lean towards a Kelly and Coleman, or Bah and Coleman front 2. It seems like Bah and Kelly are two of the same card, and either of them with Coleman seems to work the best. The one counterpoint to that is the Wilmington match, where they both played in front and both found the net.
  • Charleston Needs to Start Winning: Now a single point against LA isn't necessarily a bad result, but if the Battery have playoff plans they need to start winning. The road isn't easy, but if they win their home matches and get a point here and there on the road, they should get in.
Man of the Match: N/A
It was tough here, but I ended up not finding anyone to hand the award. Kelly definitely had a decent game, but didn't finish well enough for my taste. Dykstra played well in goal, and there were some other standouts, but in the end I'll leave it at "N/A."

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