Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kansas City Wizards to Sporting Kansas City?

As many of those who follow the MLS may already know the Kansas City Wizards changed their club's name to Sporting Kansas City. The inspiration of this is said to have come from the organization adding a rugby and lacrosse team to their umbrella of sports. Now, while this may end up working out for the team, I don't support the name change.

Sporting Kansas City have gone through multiple name changes in their history. They were one of the original ten Major League Soccer franchises that started play in 1996. The started as the Kansas City Wiz. We all know that would never last long. So they changed it to the Wizards in the following season. The Wizards used the same logo until 2007 when they revamped the franchise and changed the logo and home field. So they apparently felt the need to change it again? The new Sporting Kansas City are to play in the brand new KC Soccer Stadium in the 2011 season.

With the many of the MLS clubs going with a "European Style" name, I think it is hurting the Americanizing (if that's a word) of soccer. DC United was originally the only one with a "European Style" name and it gave them their own style which I think was a good move. But then you get the rest; FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, and Toronto FC. Now while you might be able to say, "Toronto is in Canada they can do whatever they please," I'll count them because Major League Soccer is a predominantly American league. We really don't need this. In American sports we are teams with the city/location, followed by a mascot of some sort. With the addition of Sporting Kansas City to the naming fiasco, we are getting further and further away from making this sport American.

The best move of any United States club, naming wise, was the Chicago Fire adding "Soccer Club" to the end of their name. What a great low blow to the Europeans who hate on Americans for calling it soccer. If the MLS ever gets big, I beg the Fire to keep the SC at the end of their name. (By the way, for those that don't know South Africa and Australia also call the game soccer).

Alright, so bottom line. Americanizing soccer is the key to gaining support. If we just follow what we think will make us seem more like the European leagues we will lose the American side of the game that makes the MLS, USL, and all American soccer leagues so great. It may not be La Liga, but it is our own slice of soccer, set in the great U.S.A.

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  1. I do not know why some of the clubs in the MLS change their name like that, I know they are new, but if they change their names several time, fans will get confused and they will not have a defined history after some years