Monday, December 27, 2010

Swedish International Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wants to Finish Career in The United States

Swedish International and Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has expressed interest in finishing his career in the MLS. He would be added to a group of soccer veterans that have come from their homes in Europe to play in the United States. Thierry Henry, David Beckham, and Freddie Ljungberg have all come to the United States to play the beautiful game, after playing in Europe for many years.

"I want to play one or two years in a nice place," said Ibrahimovic, "As I see it now, this is my last contract with a European club. When I'm done in Milan I will play a year or two in the United States."

This brings the question; Who will pay him? I'm sure there will be quite a price tag on Ibrahimovic like their was on Henry and Beckham. New York had money, they got Henry, Los Angeles had money, they got Beckham. I could see Ibra going to the Chicago Fire or even Seattle if they can put forth the money.

I think no matter who he goes to, it will be great for the MLS and US Soccer.We need to have big names in the MLS to get some attention, and Ibrahimovic is a huge name. When the veteran comes over to the United States, he will be 33, and even though he says he only wants to play one year in the US, I could see him playing for three or four years in the US depending on how much he likes the city and club. This all depends on how he is feeling at 37.

Ibrahimovic's contract expires in 2014, and could be one of the greatest additions to any Major League Soccer club ever. He is a solid player, and I think that even at an old age he could bring a lot to any soccer club.

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