Friday, April 1, 2011

Central SC Cobras FC Official Announcement and Watch the Battery Live This Year

Today in a post on, the United Soccer Leagues officially welcomed the Columbia-based Central SC Cobras FC, to the USL W-League.

The Cobras will play a series of friendlies this year against W-League opponents, and will enter league play next year, in the 2012 W-League season.

I'm really am happy for the Cobras, and this is a big step for the game in South Carolina. Let's be honest, no matter if its women's, men's, or youth teams, more soccer is for the better. Hopefully, we will see the franchise be successful in the year's to come, and maybe in a couple of years we'll be seeing some former Cobras up in the WPS.

Also, very exciting news for any fan of the Battery or any team in the USL Pro. According to, 11 of the 15 USL Pro teams will be broadcasting all of their home games this season. We should be seeing around 20 Charleston games on this year.

This is a great addition to, as last year they showed very few games. This will allow fans of these teams to watch the teams away fixtures easier, and help them find a connection with the team.

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  1. Central SC Cobras FC??? I have to say that I am not very familiar with USA major league soccer and this Cobras club is new too me, I had not heard of it before